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About us

It was 2001 when I started creating custom pieces to wear for myself. I was in uni in New Zealand, and learnt how to really use a sewing machine properly. I wanted to create the wild array of ideas churning and growing inside my head and on my notebooks and in my phone, wanting to be made. It wasn't until I had Elijah in 2014, that I was finally able to put my dreams into reality.  Zealii comes to life very late at night.

As a small Australian handmade business, we have the flexibilty to make whatever is on trend. But creating custom childrenswear is what we love the most.

One thing for sure, all our products are made with love. Definitely can guarantee that each product is a result from sleepless nights, passionate handcrafting, blood (from pin pricks), sweat and tears.

Zealii is proud to produce high quality outfits, in timeless classic designs, that are made to be loved and handed down the generations. Most of our pieces are limited editions. We create each outfit with the same care and love that we would if it is for our own child.

We also believe that fashion is an ever changing cycle. That is why you will see a mix of modern and vintage outfits in our collection. 

 We hope you will love them as much as I do. 


Where did Zealii (zee - lee) come from? 

I wanted to pay homage to where I first started creating, and what keeps me motivated to create. So I decided my label would integrate New Zealand and Family in it.


Sidenote is that zeal =  great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.


I guess that's how the name all started.


xox Katrina



Est 2005